Small projects that require 10 hours of work or less are billed hourly at $150/hour.

Medium and large projects are launched with a proposal outlining a scope of work and a project fee.  

Need to sell your boss or board on the idea of bringing in a consultant?  Here are eight great reasons:

1.  A consultant will allow you to obtain expertise that you don't have and to deliver quality that you might otherwise not be able to afford to hire 
2.  A consultant will get the job done
efficiently.   Guided by expertise and experience, a consultant is more likely to get the job done right the first time.
3.  A consultant will bring a fresh perspective and be able to assess the situation without the filters and preconceived notions that internal people may have.
4.  A consultant will enable all staff to fully participate in the process such as strategic planning, without someone needing to wear a facilitator's or coordinator's hat.
5.  A consultant will be able to provide confidentiality and create an environment of objectivity.
6.  A consultant will have the capacity to complete tasks more efficiently than staff with other responsibilities.
7.  A consultant will bring external expertise that supplements your own staff’s knowledge.
8.  A consultant will know how to ask the right questions.