Maternity Leave It To Me offers specialized interim staffing support to cover a valued employee’s maternity leave. 

Moms-to-be and their organizations seek out this service in order to:

  • Ensure that work does not get dropped or delayed
  • Temporarily fill a role that requires expertise
  • Transition the work to/from a dedicated resource
  • Turn a capacity challenge into an opportunity to gain new perspective and ideas

Various levels of support and flexible arrangements are available.  Call 610-480-8936 today to find the package best for you.

I started this business because having a baby changes everything, including your professional life.  I know because I've got three kiddos of my own.  

As I navigated my own maternity leaves and watched friends, colleagues & clients wrestle with the same anxieties and decisions, it became clear to me this is one of today's workplace realities and somebody needed to figure out how to solve it.  Maternity Leave It To Me (ahem) was born.

I love being a working mom, and think that we might be the most valuable employees out there.  We're willing to work hard at things that are important to us, and for the people who are important to us.  I believe we need and deserve each other's support as we balance being valuable contributors at work and amazing mothers to our kids.
--Jodi McGee