After spending ten years advising business leaders, Jodi has learned that clients worry about practical matters just as much as the strategic aspects of their work.

Where do I start? 
Is it really going to work?  
When on earth will I find the time? 

Being able to offer advice or suggest an approach based on a similar  experience is what makes her love leading projects, and led her to create her own practice.

Jodi has been lucky enough to work with some amazing people along the way, and she believes that it takes a village to do great work.  Whether it’s a thought partner to bounce ideas around with, a colleague to keep you accountable or an extra pair of hands to help in a pinch, we rarely do our best work alone.

Before starting Jodi McGee Consulting, she was a senior consultant at Cast Communication Design where she grew her expertise in internal communications, stakeholder engagement & alignment and public relations.  Jodi helped world-class clients like The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Target, Chevron, and Burton Snowboards engage their employees and build their brands.   Earlier in her career, Jodi worked at both advertising and marketing agencies.  

Jodi graduated from Georgetown University where she earned a degree in business administration, and also studied abroad at the Universidad de Autonoma in Madrid, Spain.